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Stop Making Content About Your Company

March 5, 2023

Stop making content about your comapny.

And start making it about your community.

Too many brands are selfish with their content. Once in a while? Sure. Everyday? Come on now.

Your fans are following you because they support you and your business, yes. But they certainly don’t want to see obnoxious advertisements in every post. The more it looks like you’re advertising, the worse the content is (at least according to these new school AI social media algorithms).

Even if that doesn’t bother them, it isn’t exciting them or captivating them. So what’s the play then?

Get to know your community on a deeper level than you already do.

  • What they like to watch and eat
  • Their hobbies
  • What time they go to bed
  • What sport(s) their kids play
  • What town they live in
  • Any pop culture that captivates them
  • On and on and on

The more insights you have, the better you can connect to them through your content, and the more Facebook and Instagram are going to boost your content to more fans.

It is a game of psychology and authentic connection. Internet culture is evolving, and what worked five years ago definitely doesn’t work today. I would argue that what worked 12 months ago doesn’t even work today.

What’s my point? Users can smell BS a mile away. Take a genuine interest in your fans; on an individual basis and at scale.

I’m sure you’ve seen countless brands respond to their fans in the comments with vanilla, cookie-cutter responses. Hey, that’s better than no response at all, but I promise you made no connection with them.

Here’s a great strategy that will increase the number of eyeballs on your brand:

Make content that is one mental step away from your product or service.

  • You sell outdoor clothing? Talk about hiking.
  • You sell ice-cream cones? Talk about fun summer activities in your local area.

Naturally, your content will get more views and engagement because you are providing value.

They follow you because they are interested in your product or brand. Now, talk about things already in their thoughts but also connected to your business. Every time you post, you’re branding your company- simply by your business being the one to post it. Don’t worry if it isn’t directly about whatever it is you sell.

The whole point is that more users will see your brand when you post consumer-centric content. It leaves a better taste of your brand in their mouth, increasing the chances of engagement and someone sharing your post.

The entire media playbook has changed right before our eyes in the last ten years; it’s time to adjust accordingly and change the way we market. There are no more gatekeepers to the attention of the American public the way it used to be.

Anyone and everyone has a voice now, which means it’s that much harder to stand out. No more advertisements! Start telling stories and start giving value! The benefits you will reap 12, 18, 36 months down the line are beyond what you can imagine.