Precision Social Creates Marketing "Buzz" For Buzzballz

A Unique Approach to Branding, Combining Ready-to-Drink Cocktails with Swimsuit Line Launch for Buzzballz
A Unique Approach to Branding, Combining Ready-to-Drink Cocktails with Swimsuit Line Launch for Buzzballz

Client Background

Buzzballs, a successful company known for their ready-to-drink cocktails, boasts over $100 million in revenue annually. With a core target audience of middle-aged American women (30-50 years), they decided to take an unusual step towards branding by introducing a line of swimsuits. The goal? Amplify the brand image of enjoying Buzzballs' drinks by the pool.


Buzzballs aimed to enhance their brand identity, not through monetary gain but through brand recognition. They envisioned their existing customers, already fond of their drinks, flaunting Buzzballs-branded swimsuits. This, they believed, would resonate with their poolside cocktail image, and further deepen their connection with their customers.

Approach and Solution

The project demanded a multi-dimensional approach. We decided on an outdoor photoshoot exuding a 'backyard summer day' vibe. While the shoot happened in the Midwest, we ensured it did not reflect the locale's typical ambiance.

Detailed pre-planning was crucial. We chose to use both male and female models to don the Buzzballs-branded merchandise. Every detail — what they wore, where they were placed, their activities — was carefully strategized. The shoot involved multiple photographers, a director, and three models. An overseer helped manage the equipment, making it a well-coordinated effort involving around seven to eight people.


Our models effectively showcased the Buzzballs merchandise, with one male and two female actors. The actors were directed as per our detailed plan to express the desired vibe. The male model showcased a variety of looks, including shirtless, wearing a beach shirt, or a towel around his neck, and engaging in poolside activities.

The entire crew, including photographers, the director, and models, worked in unison to execute our pre-planned strategy. Our approach and execution were intertwined — the plan guided the actions, ensuring the goals of the shoot were met.


The focus of the project was on enhancing brand recognition rather than income generation. Buzzballs' investment of thousands of dollars into this initiative exemplified the importance they placed on this branding move.

The photoshoot was a success. Buzzballs appreciated the diverse and high-quality photos, which they used across various platforms. The client was happy with the end product, and there were no requests for revisions. This satisfaction was the most valuable result for our agency.

Though the impact of branding initiatives can be difficult to quantify, the client's happiness and their continued investment in their brand image demonstrate the success of this endeavor.

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