Capturing Victory: How Precision's Shaped Tim Ozinga’s Successful Run for State Representative

Utilizing content creation strategies, we helped Ozinga for Illinois District 37 win campaign.
Ozinga For Illinois – Tim Ozinga
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December 2023
Utilizing content creation strategies, we helped Ozinga for Illinois District 37 win campaign.

Our client, Tim Ozinga, was running for State Representative of Illinois District 37, covering Mokena and New Lenox. Being in the political arena, the objective was to present Tim as a professional, a winner, a family-man, and above all, a community member.


The goal was multi-fold: portray Tim as a professional leader, a relatable community member, and a dedicated family man. The campaign sought to appeal to a broad audience within the district, necessitating diverse and authentic photographs that genuinely captured Tim's character.


We developed a strategy to photograph Tim across various settings, each aimed to highlight a different facet of his persona. Our team ensured Tim felt at ease in front of the camera, facilitating authentic and approachable images. Every photo was taken with a clear intent, capturing Tim in different outfits, with varied groups, and in diverse locations. Our intention was not just to photograph Tim, but to communicate his story, his values, and his dedication to his district.


The process began with in-depth discussions with Tim and his campaign manager to clarify their vision. After internal brainstorming within our agency, we meticulously planned photoshoots across various locations. The photoshoots were directed by an experienced director to ensure comfort and authenticity. We then carefully edited and selected the photographs to suit different platforms like print material, social media, and websites.

One particularly memorable moment was an unplanned shot at a train yard. As a train passed, it kicked up dust in the background, adding an unexpected and dramatic effect to the photo – this ended up being one of their favorite shots.


Ultimately, the campaign was successful: Tim Ozinga won the election for Illinois District 37. Our photographs facilitated greater engagement across Tim's social media and website. Given the positive outcome, we were even hired for another photoshoot on the election day to capture the triumphant moments. 


This project underscored the importance of an on-site director during photoshoots. Paying attention to subtle details such as body language, facial expressions, and emotions can significantly influence the final outcome. Taking photos is just part of the process – directing the subject to ensure the right mindset and positioning is a critical part of producing authentic and powerful imagery.

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