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Precision Social: Building a Vibrant Fitness Community for Rise Nation

From Scratch to Success: Building a Dynamic Social Media Community for Rise Nation Chicago Fitness Gym
From Scratch to Success: Building a Dynamic Social Media Community for Rise Nation Chicago Fitness Gym

Client Background

Rise Nation Chicago is a dynamic fitness gym located in the heart of downtown Chicago. Specializing in full-body high-intensity and low-impact training with a unique piece of equipment, the Versa Climber, Rise Nation sets itself apart in the fitness scene. Catering to a younger, metropolitan audience, the brand was keen on building its social media presence from scratch.


The primary goal for Rise Nation was to create an engaging community through social media platforms, focusing heavily on Instagram. The gym aimed to enhance its online presence by gaining more followers, improving engagement and website traffic, and ultimately, enriching the customer experience. Creating a thriving online community was the centerpiece of their objective.

Approach and Solution

Tailoring their approach to Rise Nation's specific requirements, our team sought to fill the gap in their existing strategy, which was a lack of engaging multimedia content. After thorough research, it was clear that Rise Nation was a young, energetic, and passionate group committed to fitness. Our goal was to encapsulate this spirit through engaging visual content.

The first step was to establish a rapport with the Rise Nation team to understand their goals better. This was followed by a headshot session, capturing the energy and passion of the team, setting the tone for the rest of the media coverage. The team then captured dynamic images of the training sessions, instructors, and various locations around Chicago, thereby deepening their relationship with the Rise Nation staff.


To execute the plan effectively, we prioritized building personal connections and trust with the Rise Nation team. This facilitated smoother guidance towards their desired goals.

The campaign kicked off with an energetic headshot session that laid the foundation for their marketing strategy. The shoot captured candid moments of training, instructors engaging with clients, and the distinctive use of the Versa Climber.

To connect more deeply with the staff, shoots were taken outside the studio, capturing images around various iconic spots in Chicago. This helped establish a better understanding and rapport with the team, leading to more authentic and relatable content.


Delivering engaging media content every month helped Rise Nation grow its online community, fulfilling its primary goal. However, the real achievement lay in the creation of a passionate in-person community. There was a palpable enthusiasm within the gym, with members not just recognizing each other but also socializing outside of the gym.

This camaraderie, which transcended the digital realm, is the true essence of branding. Such a level of engagement resulted in an increase in customer satisfaction and a robust improvement in their business, leading to a sustained partnership with us for over two years.

Lessons Learned

The campaign underscored the importance of thoroughly understanding and guiding the people appearing on camera. Getting to know the Rise Nation team as individuals and as a collective played a crucial role in the successful capture of their spirit and the subsequent marketing campaign.

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