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Precision Social's Power Play: A 4,800% Increase for The Barn Hockey Bar

Precision Social's Strategy Elevates The Barn: Transforming a Local Bar into an Instagram Sensation with Record-Breaking Engagement.
The Barn Hockey Bar
Client Location:
West Town, Chicago
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April 2024
Precision Social's Strategy Elevates The Barn: Transforming a Local Bar into an Instagram Sensation with Record-Breaking Engagement.

In the competitive landscape of Chicago's bar and restaurant scene, standing out on social media is not just an advantage; it's a necessity. The Barn Hockey Bar, having rebranded in 2023 from The Ogden, with a unique focus on the Chicago Blackhawks and the city's hockey culture, faced the challenge of establishing a significant online presence. Partnering with Precision Social, to grow and manage their social media, The Barn set out to not only increase their followers on Instagram but also to become a beloved staple in the Blackhawks community.

Situation Analysis

Before Precision Social's intervention, The Barn was a newly rebranded entity seeking to make its mark. Despite having good relations with the Chicago Blackhawks and targeting a dedicated fanbase, their Instagram presence was minimal. The task at hand was not just about growing numbers but creating a community and a brand identity that resonates with hockey fans.


The primary goal was clear: amplify The Barn's presence on Instagram to bolster brand recognition and foster a community of engaged fans. Precision Social focused on several key metrics to gauge success, prioritizing post saves, shares, comments, likes, and overall reach. The objective was to achieve a level of engagement that surpassed industry averages, translating digital success into real-world foot traffic and patronage.

Strategy and Execution

Precision Social adopted a strategy centered around engaging, fan-focused content. Eschewing the typical self-serving promotional posts, the agency aimed to create content that resonated on a personal level with Blackhawks fans. This approach involved:

  • Engaging Content Creation: Tailoring posts to highlight the communal aspect of watching hockey at The Barn, sharing moments that Blackhawks fans could relate to and want to be a part of.
  • Audience-Centric Approach: Leveraging Instagram's algorithm to ensure content reached die-hard hockey fans, making The Barn's page a gathering spot for the community.
  • Visual Aesthetics: Maintaining a high standard for the visual presentation of posts to make each share, comment, and like a contribution to building The Barn's brand identity.


The campaign's impact was nothing short of remarkable. Within a three-month initial period:

  • Accounts Reached: 475,700 — 4,800% increase
  • Profile Visits: 53,287 — 778% increase
  • Followers: 7,888 — 1,000% increase
  • Dominant Location Reached: West Town, Chicago
  • In-Person Traffic: 255% increase in First-Time Diners

These results were not just numbers but a testament to The Barn becoming a beloved hub for Blackhawks fans and a notable player in the local bar scene.

Lessons Learned and Future Outlook

The success of The Barn Hockey Bar launch campaign reinforced Precision Social's expertise in the restaurant and bar industry. Key takeaways included the importance of audience-centric content and the power of organic engagement in building a brand community. Looking ahead, Precision Social plans to refine and adapt these strategies, staying ahead of social media trends to keep delivering exceptional results for their clients.

Comparative Analysis

Compared to competitors, Precision Social's approach stands out for its authenticity and effectiveness. Where others rely on inauthentic, bland content, Precision Social crafts compelling narratives that engage and grow audiences, setting a new standard for what social media marketing can achieve in the hospitality industry.

The Barn Hockey Bar's journey from a newly rebranded entity to a cornerstone of the Chicago Blackhawks fan community is a compelling story of strategic social media marketing. Through Precision Social's expertise, The Barn achieved unprecedented growth and engagement, showcasing the agency's unique ability to connect brands with their target audiences in meaningful ways. For businesses looking to elevate their social media presence, Precision Social offers not just services but a partnership geared towards achieving remarkable success.

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