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Precision Social Boasts 1Million+ Organic Account Reach for Chicagoland Restaurant

Darlene's Brunch and Booze in Orland Park, Illinois; crafting a Successful Storytelling Campaign.
Darlene's Brunch and Booze in Orland Park, Illinois; crafting a Successful Storytelling Campaign.

Client Background

Delilah's Brunch and Booze is a newly opened restaurant in Orland Park, Illinois. Having transitioned from their previous dinner concept, the owners sought to redefine their image and create a buzz about their new brunch spot. With a target audience of middle-aged women seeking a luxurious brunch experience, Delilah's aim was to communicate their unique offering and increase footfall through effective marketing.


The primary goal for Delilah's was to establish a successful restaurant, understanding that this would require numerous facets working in harmony, including effective marketing. The marketing goal was to communicate their identity and offerings effectively to their target audience. The restaurant aimed to build anticipation and increase foot traffic through compelling storytelling in visual and written formats.

Approach and Solution

Having previously worked with the restaurant's owners, the agency understood their preferences and aspirations. The approach was to visually capture the restaurant's aesthetics and atmosphere, highlighting their painstakingly curated decor and excellent food. Aided by the impressive groundwork laid by the owners, the agency planned to create stunning videos and photos that would narrate the restaurant's appeal.


A specialized team, including Cassidy Doyle (Content Manager), Devin Erickson (Creative Director), and Brian Trevino (Photographer and Videographer), led the project. The execution primarily involved capturing all facets of the restaurant — the staff, food, drinks, patio, flowers, etc., through immersive visual content.

The backend work involved careful editing, selecting the right music and sounds, and sequencing clips that embodied the restaurant's brand. Cassidy crafted the copy to align with the restaurant's personality. Success relied on positioning the right individuals in the right roles to make good decisions and achieve excellent results.


Within the first two weeks, a $100 gift card giveaway garnered over 1000 entries on Facebook and Instagram, building a robust initial follower base. A video posted in June, completely organic—with no ad spend, went viral, reaching over 940,000 people and generating over 75,000 interactions, leading to thousands of new customers visiting the restaurant.

The momentum has been maintained, with the account consistently reaching over 500,000 people every 30 days alone through various videos and content. The campaign successfully boosted foot traffic and heightened awareness for Darlene's Brunch and Booze.

Lessons Learned

The campaign provided valuable insights into effective Instagram marketing:

  • iPhone content is vital — social media apps appear more responsive to content shot and edited within the app.
  • The backend work is critical when posting a video — aspects such as on-screen text, font, color, placement, sound-choice and timing significantly affect viewer reception.
  • The choice of sound in Instagram videos is essential — it should align with the business's personality and be a trending sound used by other users to achieve maximum impact.

Results Backed by Data



Followers in 2 months

Increase in local, real, active followers within the first two months.



Accounts Reached

Local, authentic accounts reached.



Increase in Foot Traffic

Direct ROI from Social Media Engagement

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